the World's Largest Gas Engine and Tractor Show

Membership Information:

Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Association has a large membership and we welcome all those interested in furthering our purpose.

Membership Dues are :...........$10 per person

Memberships are valid from September 1st to September 1st of the following year.

You will need to purchase or renew your membership by the Annual August Show. Once the show ends, memberships can not be renewed until after the annual meeting. You must be a member in current standing to vote at the Membership meeting in November.

Please email us if you have an interest in becoming a member or have a change in your information:




Life Membership:

For those who meet the following requirements you may become a Lifetime Member:

- Must be 70 years old or older.
- Must have been a member 5 years of the previous 7 years and this will be the 6th year of membership.

In Memoriam

Marvin Hart Geneva, IN Lifetime
Ed Holtzleiter Hartford City, IN Lifetime
Bob Carmichael Selma, IN Lifetime
Elmer J. Shank Albany, IN Lifetime
Merle Holderman Bristol, IN Lifetime
Raymond Boggs Bryant,IN Lifetime
Robert G. Rentschier Grass Lakes, MI Lifetime
Dale Longerbone Albany, IN Lifetime
Ralph May Portland, IN Lifetime
Harley Bole Hartford City, IN Lifetime
Ruth Sager Batesville, IN Lifetime
Jack Alexander Portland, IN
Harold Howes Freeport, OH

Duane Adair

Darrell Brubaker

Gerald Dickson

Vern Dowty

Morris Fudge

Connie Klausz

Jim Landers

Norman Manlove

Russell Merrell

Butch Meyers

Jack Moser

Bill Nash

Gail Runyon

Sally Starr

Doyt Stegaman

Merle Stewart

Roger Vancamp

Brent Walker